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So, LAX got reviewed. Check it out;

A wonderful illustration of one of America's busiest airports. Terminal's experiment, a brilliant blend of sight and sound, works with such synergy it takes readers to higher levels of "synesthesia."

"Holy mindf@ck, Batman!" says Ebert and Roeper

How'd you like that? Used a thesaurus and everything. I think I even used the right Dreamcast game reference.

Ok, enough fluff.

First of all, let me tell you how much I liked this comic. I liked it. What I loved most was the way it depicts LAX and the city surrounding it. You kinda have to be around the area awhile to fully appreciate what makes Los Angeles so intriguing, but you don't have to visit its airport to understand what this comic's about. LAX is like any other major airport, the only difference is its relevance to its city. Some people like to think (at least my grandfather did) of the airport as the heart of Los Angeles. It constantly pumps family members, immigrants, CEOs and all other people from all walks of life into the overcrowded city while helping others escape from all the chaos. It makes for such an awesome setting. Good choice.

The art style works. The drawings of LAX and the surrounding city area are spot on even if they are a bit sketchy. The soft, blurry lines in the earlier pages made me think about all the pollution in the city. It made me think about how often people confuse the smog in LA for the mist of a dream and that's what this comic felt like. A dream. Heheh, I don't know if that was what you were going for, Terminal, but that's what I got out of it. In some areas though, the sketchiness was distracting because lines were going all over the place and it was difficult focusing on what was meant to be focused on. The slide show segments were genius. The music and timing were just spot on. I was always giddy with excitement when one of these came up.

The character development and story still seem to be too early in development to properly gauge but the premise is interesting enough to me. The character designs put me off for a bit. The manga style characters looked out of place with all the palm trees and In-n-Outs. I guess I'm just used to seeing them in a Japanese environment. It just took a bit of getting used to. Another problem I had with the characters was that I couldn't tell some of them apart. In one scene, Chris was facing off against a fugitive who looked almost like him. The only way I could distinguish one from the other was their dialogue. Overall the story and characters (at least for me) took a backseat to the design and setting of the comic. I like to think of the airport as the main character of the whole shebang. Sort of like how Martin Scorsese has his New York, Terminal has his LAX.

Was the experiment a success? Yeah, I'd like to think so.

Does it need work? Yeah, in a few places.

"Two thumbs up?" Shut up, Ebert.

Cheers, it's a pretty good review that details my flaws and the stuff I'm doing right. Now, I'm off. I'm sleepy.



disc3: at the edge of the world.

After Emily's car crash, and her fight with Chris. She's been a bit angry and is ready to fire someone. Anyone. With her eyes set on Chris for revenge, it's not going to be pretty. Snow falls on Los Angeles as tension rises and delays are all over. Blame the liberal media, and the weather. Or Al Gore.


"somewhere in san fransisco" by myxo and bigfish.



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